All of the essays that constitute the conference volume of this year’s conference are available for reading due to our green open-access policy.


Introduction: the political transformation of the Middle East, 1914-1923

T.G. Fraser

1. The rise of Egyptian nationalism and the perception of foreigners in Egypt, 1914-1923

Amany Soliman

2. The antecedents and implications of the so-called Anglo-Sanussi War, 1915-1917

Jason Pack

3. British intelligence and Arab nationalism: the origins of the modern Middle East

Steven Wagner

4. The First World War and its legacy for women in Iraq

Noga Efrati

5. From anti-imperial dissent to national consent: the First World War and the formation of a trans-sectarian national consciousness in Lebanon

Mark Farha

6. Historicising hunger: the famine in wartime Lebanon and Syria

Najwa al-Qattan

7. The patriarch, the amir and the patriots: civilisation and self-determination at the Paris Peace Conference

Andrew Arsan

8. A thoroughly modern Caliphate: could legitimate governance for the Middle East in the aftermath of the First World War have been found by looking within?

Louise Pyne-Jones

9. From the Archduke to the Caliph: the Islamist evolution that led to ‘The Islamic State’

Aaron Y. Zelin

10. Some reflections on whether the Mandates were a slow burning fuse for toxic sectarianism in Arab countries

John McHugo

11. Oil, state and society in Iran in the aftermath of the First World War

Kaveh Ehsani

12. The new Arab intellectuals of the post-First World War period: the case of Taha Husayn

Bruno Ronfard

13. A tale of two nationalists: parallelisms in the writings of Ziya Gökalp and Michel Aflaq

Michael Erdman

14. Women, war and the foundations of the Turkish Republic: the vision of New Womanhood in Halide Edib Adivar’s The Shirt of Flame (1922)

Sevinç Elaman-Garner

15. The limits of soft power: why Kurdish nationalism failed in the French Mandate of Syria

Laila McQuade and Nabil Al-Tikriti

16. The other jihad: Enver Pasha, Bolsheviks, and politics of anticolonial Muslim nationalism during the Baku Congress 1920

Alp Yenen

17. A point of order: a battle for autonomy in the First Legislative Council of Transjordan

Harrison Guthorn

18. Drawing the line: Calouste Gulbenkian and the Red Line Agreement of 1928

Jonathan Conlin