The annual Gingko Library Conference – intended for scholars, public figures and members of the wider public who are engaged with issues concerning the MENA region – fosters dialogue between the West and the Middle East, and promotes mutual understanding based upon our shared interests and concerns. Each year the conference will take as its base one of the subject areas in which the Gingko Library publishes. The first conference, held in London in December 2014, looked at how the First World War shaped the Middle East we know today.

In order to better engage scholars and public figures, especially those from the MENA region, we aim to facilitate their participation with the award of grants and will assist in the procurement of visas.

Our conferences aim to generate wider interest in the region as well as promote greater understanding of its culture, both in the West and in the MENA region itself. Note that by the term MENA, we conceive the region as involving not just the Arab countries, but also Turkey, Iran, Israel, the Kurdish regions, etc.