The Gingko foundations promote and facilitate dialogue between the Middle East and the Western world through conferences, events and scholarly publications. In the face of an increasingly virulent divide between East and West, we enable constructive, informed and open discussion, giving a voice to a new generation of thinkers and opinion formers.

‘Thank you’ to all who participated, contributed or hosted the Gingko | The Courtauld Institute of Art Conference in Berlin. We will be following up directly with speakers regarding proceedings and will release some  content of the conference through various channels in the coming weeks.


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Special Lecture in Munich: the New Divan and Blue and White Ceramics
by Dr. Barbara Schwepcke and Dr. Melanie Gibson, 21.04.16

What is it like to translate Nobel Prize Winner Naguib Mahfouz?
by Aran Byrne, 10.3.16

“The Revolution Was a Wave that Overtook Me”: A Conversation with Photographer Parham Taghioff
by Milad Odabaei, 4.3.16